Africa Development Corps (ADC), formerly known as Visions in Action (VIA), was founded by Shaun Skelton, Andre LeCann and Charles Mutisya in 1989. While lecturing on management at the University of Nairobi during the 1988-89 school year, Shaun discovered that nonprofit organizations in Kenya had a great need for different types of volunteers; ones who worked in an urban setting, at a computer in an office, designing brochures and writing funding proposals, as opposed to the more traditional rural field work. There was a need for volunteers in nontraditional sectors of development, such as human rights, democratization and journalism. For 25 years Africa Development Corps has fulfilled this need by sending volunteers to the developing world to work for grassroots organizations working in these sectors.


The US office opened in September 1989 in a large group house in northwest Washington DC. In setting up its housing in urban Africa, ADC followed the community group house model of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in US cities.  From an initial 15 volunteer placements in Kenya, over the years more than 700 volunteers have participated in Africa Development Corps programs overseas. Revenue comes from program fees, individual donations, in-kind support, foundation grants, donor grants and special events.In the US, ADC is headquartered in the Adams Morgan area of Washington, DC, an ethnically diverse neighborhood of the city and the heart of its Latin American community. Although still primarily an urban program, Africa Development Corps has expanded its geographical areas of intervention and now offers some possibilities of rural placement. Africa Development Corps currently has five active programs in Africa:  Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia.




Africa Development Corps is committed to achieving social and economic justice in the developing world through grassroots programs and communities of self-reliant volunteers.

Teacher Training

ADC has designed and implemented an intensive 12 week training course for rural primary school teachers in Africa who have never received any prior formal training.

Food Security

Through the efforts of USDA and ADC and dedicated farmers, the Baowahun Farming Group is able to generate a greater yield for market thereby maximizing profits, expanding farm acreage, recruiting labor, and investing in more tools.

Early Childhood Development.

Our program focuses on early learning, special needs education for children, vocational training and skills development, and adult literacy in rural and urban slum populations.

HIV Counseling & Testing

HIV Counseling and Testing is the service we render to individuals or couples in order for him/her to know his HIV status, which could be either positive or negative and is usually confidential, as the only gateway to prevention, care and treatment.

School and Library Construction

ADC implemented the largest book distribution in the history of Liberia through the “Million Book March for Literacy,” supported by a grant from USAID’s African Education Initiative.

Youth Exchange

We provide Francophone African secondary students with 3-week Youth Leadership Exchange program in the United States is aimed at bolstering African students’ understanding of civic participation and the functioning of a democratic society.

Grassroots Approach

Development occurs best when we are as close as possible to the standard of living of those we are trying to assist.


We give of ourselves and make sacrifices for the betterment of others, expecting nothing in return.


Our volunteers work as a community, living together and supporting one another during the experience.

Self Reliance

Participants and members of the community work together to attain self-reliance.


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